Winning the Battle for Unite Us in ITN Procurement Protest

We’re thrilled to announce our recent client win at Panza Maurer, where our dedicated team, led by Louise St. Laurent and Lindsay Ervin, successfully defended the Department of Children and Families’ (DCF) intended award of a contract to our client Unite Us for a solution to provide research and closed-loop referral capabilities for community services available to Floridians in need under DCF’s Hope Florida – A Pathway to Prosperity program.  Although DCF selected Unite Us for the intended contract award because DCF determined that Unite Us provided the best value to the state of Florida, our client’s competitor, find help, challenged DCF’s decision.  Our firm partnered with and provided additional legal support to DCF throughout the procurement protest, significantly contributing to the favorable outcome.  We take immense pride in this victory and are happy to have assisted our client in securing a contract to create a holistic approach to empowering Floridians with resources and support to strengthen their resiliency and well-being. We look forward to more successes for our clients and Panza Maurer in the future. Congratulations, Louise and Lindsay!

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