Receivership | Conservatorship


Panza Maurer & Maynard serves as Conservator, Receiver or Custodian for commercial and real estate matters protecting and marshalling assets.

For over thirty years, PMM has been providing effective and reliable services throughout Florida with the integrity and dedication that has come to be expected from one of the state’s highest caliber law firms. Our philosophy of developing innovative strategies to achieve clients’ goals, together with our wealth of legal experience, has allowed us to become and remain a prominent and well-respected member of the Florida legal community. PMM takes a business-oriented approach and provide cost-effective solutions to achieve optimal results for our clients.

PMM’s attorneys are experienced, professional, Florida-based court-appointed receivers and custodians specializing in the management of distressed companies and properties. Our attorneys’ business acumen, legal skills and creativity make PMM uniquely qualified to assist financial institutions and similarly situated individuals and entities with assets in need of preservation and protection.

Our experience representing businesses and financial entities across the state of Florida distinguishes us as Receivers and Custodians and allows us to effectively manage even in the most challenging situations. PMM attorneys are able to rapidly identify measures necessary to stabilize and effectively manage assets from appointment through completion. Our wealth of legal knowledge provides us with the ability to anticipate, identify and address potential liabilities and eliminates the need for engaging additional legal counsel.

Receiverships and Conservatorships require the most austere of trust relationships. PMM provides the experience and knowledge of pertinent laws and concepts that is paramount to providing cost effective custodian and receivership representation to banks and other lenders in connection with personal property and real property foreclosure actions, businesses in the midst of legal disputes, or any entity facing a situation requiring asset protection.