Medical Marijuana

medical marijuana

Panza Maurer & Maynard assists clients with the administrative and business processes required to obtain a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (“MMTC”) license in the State of Florida. A key factor in medical marijuana licensure is an in-depth understanding of applicable laws, regulations and industry insight to assist clients in navigating what is a complex set of rules and regulations.  The firm’s Administrative Law unit has intimate knowledge of the regulatory processes and has developed long-standing professional relationships the Department of Health, a significant factor in achieving results. Our firm is experienced in the many past iterations of medical marijuana law and keeps abreast of the frequently changing framework. 

Panza Maurer & Maynard is also equipped to help with the formation and maintenance of a business entity compliant with DOH laws and regulations. Part of the MMTC licensure process is ensuring your business is structured appropriately to achieve regulatory requirements. Panza Maurer and Maynard’s Corporate & Transactional attorneys have extensive experience in entity formation, corporate administration, business transactions, tax consultation, intellectual property, entertainment law, corporate securities compliance, shareholder agreements, mergers and acquisitions, and commercial/residential real estate. Once your business has been established, we can then assist you with your corporate administration.  Such services include, but are not limited to contract development and negotiation, corporate reporting of related entities, and corporate policy development and support.  We can monitor your corporate compliance program (or develop one if requested), with regulators of various industries ensuring that your business in compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.

In addition to administrative and business processes, our firm has experience assisting entities in the following areas, pertinent to medical marijuana industries:

  • Advertising and marketing regulations
  • Banking and financing issues
  • Corporate and commercial transactions
  • Corporate formation
  • Employment laws
  • Environmental laws
  • Federal policy and Florida laws relating to marijuana
  • Marijuana licensing and registration
  • Real estate matters
  • Product labeling requirements
  • Privacy regulations
  • Zoning requirement