Panza, Maurer and Maynard’s Litigation attorneys have a broad range of experience in handling disputes at all stages: pre-litigation, litigation and post-trial. PMM’s experienced trial attorneys provide preparation and guidance through the pretrial process, often with an eye towards narrowing the scope of any subsequent litigation, or preventing the litigation prior to its inception, resulting in a significant economic benefit to the client. During the litigation process, PMM’s experienced attorneys focus on the clients’ desired outcome and tailor the litigation strategy towards accomplishing those goals. Our attorneys pride themselves on their ability to design, develop and execute a litigation plan, which meets the needs of each client’s unique circumstances. The firm’s attorneys are licensed to practice in all Courts of the State of Florida, the Florida Federal District Courts, the United States Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. PMM’s principal litigators are Martindale-Hubbell AV rated.

Our litigation representation includes all aspects of academic law. The firm has tremendous experience in defending and prosecuting claims arising from academic and disciplinary discipline, as well as suspension and dismissal at the primary, secondary, graduate and post graduate levels. Our attorneys are available for consultation and representation related to a wide variety of claims arising from the academic setting.

PMM’s attorneys also provide representation in connection with business, commercial and insurance disputes. Regardless of the nature of the dispute, our attorneys will assist you in the development of common sense, economical, and effective strategies for the resolution or litigation of your particular dispute. PMM’s attorneys are keenly aware of the impact that litigation may have on an organization, and are committed to minimizing disruption and managing costs by efficiently resolving cases with a keen awareness of our clients’ legal, financial, and organizational objectives. Our practice areas include business defamation and disparagement, contract disputes, torts, complex litigation and class actions, fiduciary litigation, intellectual property, shareholder disputes, landlord/tenant disputes, insurance, and construction disputes, to name a few. PMM’s attorneys successfully litigated the longest preliminary injunction hearing in Broward County history, in connection with the dissolution of a professional medical partnership.

Our litigation attorneys also provide representation in connection with employment matters. We have extensive experience in representing management and labor employment disputes. PMM’s attorneys are experienced in successfully defending employers against employment related claims and lawsuits, and we also work closely with clients to prevent employment claims. Services in this regard include employment discrimination counseling and defense, unfair labor practices and improper employer practices defense, employment counseling, employee leave, disability, age, gender, sexual harassment, national origin, race, and religion issues. We also provide representation in connection with the development of policies to comply with state and federal laws, and regulations with regard to training in connection therewith.

PMM’s environmental law representation assists its clients with respect to interaction with state and federal regulatory agencies in addressing standards, or in responding to private party claims, in order to minimize or avoid the risks associated with environmental compliance issues. We provide legal counsel on compliance with occupational safety and health administration regulations and other federal and state regulations and programs, as well as permitting, project development and zoning and development.

Our attorneys also provide representation in the areas of government compliance and investigations. Regardless of the field of industry in which you work, your organization and executives face a growing number of complex government regulations relating to almost every face of business operations. This includes increased scrutiny in the areas of ethics, compliance, lobbying and procurement, and requires even the most diligent organizations to continually re-evaluate and update their protocols and processes. We will work closely with you to implement a strong governance and risk assessment system that will assist your organization in avoiding investigations by government oversight agencies, prevention or minimization of formal charges, reduction of litigation expenses, and avoidance of crisis situations.

PMM’s healthcare representation includes a wide range of legal matters such as operations, compliance, litigation, labor, third party reimbursements, financing, real estate, environmental issues and mergers, acquisitions, and affiliations. Panza Maurer provides general corporate representation, labor and employment law representation, media relations, medical malpractice, mergers, acquisitions and affiliations, operations, real estate, environmental, regulatory compliance, third party reimbursements, and commercial and insurance litigation.

The firm’s post judgment and appellate representation combines the right blend of appellate court experience, trial level capabilities, and litigation advocacy to assist our clients meet their most formidable litigation challenges. Our attorneys handle appellate cases before Federal and State Courts and administrative agencies throughout Florida.