Corporate | Transactional


Panza Maurer and Maynard’s Corporate & Transactional attorneys have extensive experience in a wide variety of matters, including entity formation, corporate administration, business transactions, tax consultation, intellectual property, entertainment law, corporate securities compliance, shareholder agreements, mergers and acquisitions, and commercial/residential real estate.  The firm serves as Conservator, Receiver or Custodian for commercial and real estate properties protecting and marshaling assets.  In these often complex issues, our expertise may be of critical importance.

PMM’s Corporate/Transactional representation includes the following areas:

  • Entity Formation
  • Corporate Administration
  • Corporate/Securities Compliance

If you are commencing your business in Florida, we will recommend the most suitable business entity for your enterprise.  Once your business has been established, we can then assist you with your corporate administration.  Such services include, but are not limited to contract development and negotiation, corporate reporting of related entities, and corporate policy development and support.  We can monitor your corporate compliance program (or develop one if requested), with regulators of various industries ensuring that your business in compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.

PMM’s Entertainment Law representation includes the following areas:

  • Artist Agreements
  • Contract Negotiation & Representation

The firm’s entertainment law attorneys have represented major recording artists and producers, development and A&R companies, bands, musicians, singers, songwriters, record companies, publishers, music producers, disc jockeys, actors, models, and other artists.  We represent clients on various matters relating to the entertainment business, including copyright and other intellectual property disputes, contracts, publishing agreements, producer agreements, record profit share agreements, band agreements, band and production partnership disputes, development contracts, formation of entertainment companies, agency agreements, management agreements and management disputes, music licensing, songwriter agreements, sponsorship agreements, and touring and live performance contracts.  Our attorneys have extensive experience from within the entertainment industry; such specialized knowledge is what sets our services apart from other law firms.