Celebrating a Milestone: NSU Barry and Judy Silverman College of Pharmacy Dedication

Excited to share the success of the November 28th Dedication for the NSU Barry and Judy Silverman College of Pharmacy. The event united a vibrant community to celebrate this milestone on campus, with heartfelt recognition of Dr. and Mrs. Silverman for their transformative gift supporting student scholarships. This philanthropic contribution empowers students to choose their educational path based on values and goals. Grateful for the opportunity to witness the celebration of these devoted benefactors. The gift is a testament to their continued dedication and an inspiration for lasting impact in higher education.

Pictured above: NSU Board of Trustee Steven Halmos, Michael Mominey, Panza Maurer Founding Partner Thomas Panza, and NSU Board of Trustee Milton Jones.

Pictured above: Panza Maurer Founding Partner Susan Maurer and Partner Greg McDermott, and NSU Dean Michelle Clark

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